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For many years, the Fullerton Museum Center had wanted to dedicate a portion of their museum to honor Leo Fender, a lifetime Fullerton resident. They understood that a project of this undertaking would cost a good deal, and were unsure of how they were going to fund it. They also knew what components they wanted to display, but were at a loss as to how to visually represent the individual parts.

Understanding FMC’s budget constraints and wanting to be a part of this exciting community endeavor, DSYL chose to share in a partial sponsorship toward the exhibit. Additionally, DSYL researched vendors who could provide FMC with high quality products that were also cost effective.

DSYL designed all components of the Leo Fender Exhibit. This included vinyl and mesh banners, full walls of artwork on foam boards and six-foot wide timelines with enlarged vinyl lettering adhered to the walls. DSYL also designed a direct mail piece to promote the event, poster showcasing famous artists with their Fender guitars, outdoor signage, sponsor signs and commemorative member pins. Consistency was a high priority throughout the project and was met in every aspect. DSYL was recently asked to update some of the photos and wall art.