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The Fullerton Museum Center (FMC) is a non-profit organization with very strict budget constraints. They wanted to send out a direct mail invitation for a highly-anticipated exhibit that their members would not only want to open, but keep. The artist, known for his work with Disneyland and tiki-inspired themes, had also donated some artwork that FMC wanted to gift to their members, but they were not sure how to go about it.

DSYL developed a large, map-folded direct mail piece that included the necessary information about the exhibit on one side and the donated artwork on the other side as a poster. Not only was the direct mail piece functional with regard to information, mailing size and postage, it was extremely well received.

Many museum members even brought the poster to the Preview Reception to get it autographed by the artist. FMC’s direct mail piece turned into a collectible gift to their members at no additional cost to the museum.