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The City of Fullerton’s new Community Center was planning its grand opening for October 2012. In anticipation, they wanted to get the word out on the full-service special events facilities available in their Grand Hall and Outdoor Patio area. However, as with any non-profit organization, the budget was tight.

DSYL designed a direct mail piece with bold and colorful photographs aimed at standing out and capturing attention. To keep to the budget, DSYL used stock photography and recommended that the Fullerton Community Center use a “walking man” home delivery method to drop off their postcards instead of mailing them out. By doing so, we saved them $10,000 in postage. As a result, the Fullerton Community Center was able to use the newfound money to print another 10,000 postcards and create some wall art for their new facility. And because the postcard no longer needed a mailing panel, we were able to add even more information about the Community Center’s new programs, classes and special-event facilities.

The Fullerton Community Center’s phone lines started ringing the day the cards were delivered and several special events have been booked as a result.