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Frisbie Management, Inc. owns and operates 19 McDonalds restaurants in Orange County. Once location in Anaheim, right across the street from Disneyland, had to reduce the height of their sign due to city ordinances. As a result, business at that McDonalds decreased significantly as the location was no longer easy to find. They needed to figure out how to bring the out-of-town guest traffic back to the restaurant.

DSYL devised an advertising plan that would increase traffic to their Anaheim location. The campaign included signs in hotel elevators and ads in concierge books. Since Disneyland has very strict copyright rules, DSYL incorporated subliminal imagery such as castles and fireworks to the background of the signs and ads. Not only have the designs upheld a timeless look, the advertising helped the Anaheim McDonalds location surpass their previous sales.