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Alcoa Fastening Systems is an international aerospace company with locations all over the world. They were in need of
a leave-behind brochure that would still be recognizable after their clients filed them away. The brochure needed to be translated into English, French and German, and required a space for either an American- or European-sized business card, which differ in dimensions. Additionally, the client had requested a metallic ink she had seen elsewhere, and also wanted the blue color of the brochure to match the exact blue of their logo.

DSYL created a custom folder design that incorporated a tab, similar to that of a manila folder, with Alcoa Fastening Systems preprinted on it. That way, clients could just file the whole presentation folder and the tab would stand out above the top of the hanging folder. We found a translator for the copy and created a special business card slit design to accommodate both sizes.

The biggest challenge however, was matching the blue colors on the brochure to the Alcoa blue. To ensure it came out right, the account manager spent the day at the printer completing press checks and working with the printer to adjust the color as needed. Once the color was perfect, the brochures were printed, dried, collated, packaged by language and shipped to their respective locations.